January 24, 2005

Casino in Singapore ?

Hi Friends,

Just for your info...
Pls go to the following website and sign your name as a petition against setting up of a Casino in Singapore.

Personally, I don't support the idea at all as it will only create more social
problems in the society in Singapore. Crime & Vice often go hand in hand with gambling. How many more broken families & latchkey kids the Govt wants to see... How many more loan shark syndicates they wish to unearth due to their economic goals or rather how many more %tage of credit card-induced bankcrupts the Govt wishes to see in singapore...

There's another side of the coin which pple claims that an 'entertainment' city will create thousands more jobs... You telling me abt illegal money lending, prostitution & card sharping issit... I've seen alot.. I've seen enuff...

The above is just a slight indication of the moral erosion we will face in event of a "entertainment" city being built in singapore.

There are already many forms of gambling in Singapore.. 4Ds, Totos, Big Sweeps, Scratch Cards & All kinds of soccer matches.. Tink about it.. When is enuff enuff ?

I personally hope that this project will not take off.

Kindly support me in this as well. Visit and sign off your name.

No obligations though...

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