April 16, 2012

About this.. i abit the buay tahan.. why pple choose all the time.. wah lau.. there's always more to the diploma/degree thingy... Nuff said ARRGHGHGHGHGH @#!@#!@%#^$%&

March 30, 2012


I've had a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I blamed it on stress. It's not that I can't sleep or even fall asleep: it's just that 'something' keeps waking me up frequently in the night. That's why I can't sleep.

I hope this passes on quickly because for me it's mostly reminders of things.Memories you call it.

I don't mean to get all crazy and bat-shit, but if your brother, mate, friend, sister and/or best friend, and the one you spent 23.5 hours a day with for your whole life was gone you'd be sad too.

So memories, I hope you hang in there, and please stop waking me up at midnight, 2:30 am in the morning, and also 3:30 am, and most imptly 6 am. Thank you very muchie.

February 27, 2012


This song healed me and my heart.

I stopped smoking.
I stopped it for he who cares.
I stopped it for he who matters.

I have done it.

February 16, 2012

Seven Social Sins According to Ghandi

1. Politics without principles
2. Wealth without work
3. Pleasure without conscience
4. Knowledge without character
5. Commerce without morality
6. Science without humanity
7. Worship without sacrifice

Biblical or not? Human or not?

WiKi on Ghandi

Gotten this off TehC BTW. Great sharing

December 13, 2011


After visiting a fair share of "Thailand Forums" one notices that newbies will often ask if they should go to Bangkok, Pattaya or both. They also usually want to know how long they should stay at each place - if they go to both.

As a seasoned traveler to Thailand for over 30 years, I tend to be a bit cynical and advise most to just go straight to Pattaya. But, there are arguments to be made to stop by and visit Bangkok for a few days too.

I have toned down my advice a bit and usually tell the newbie to visit Bangkok for 2 to 3 days at the beginning of his trip and then spend the rest of the 2 or 3 weeks in Pattaya. Everyone should see Bangkok at least once.

There is a lot to see in Bangkok if you can ever get to where you want to go. Traffic is usually moving along at a snail's pace and the meter in the taxi keeps ticking away. Walking around is hot and the streets are lined with vendors that block the sidewalk and will try any tactic to get you to stop and buy something from their stall. And, if you are walking around at night, you will have to watch out for the lady-boys and the muggers (as you would in almost any large city).

Once you suffer taxis and heat, there are numerous clubs, bars, and restaurants that would rival the best anywhere in the world. With prices being extremely low (despite the strengthening of the Baht), you can have a great night out on the town for a minimal amount of money.

Throw in inexpensive hotels, excellent shopping, and the friendliest people in the world, and you will have an experience unlike any you have ever had. Then, on your second visit to Thailand, you can just go straight to Pattaya.

I was pondering over this word.camaraderie.

Dictionary.com says

a spirit of familiarity and trust existing between friends
Goodwill and lighthearted rapport between or among friends; comradeship.

Mr Lee (yours truly) says
a sense of comfort and belonging within the zone of a select few friends.

Some may say my select few are 1 too many.
But Those who know me, know me that i place my friendships above all. Above women.
To choose btw bro or woman.

That's easy.
That's perhaps why I m still single.

Someone reminded me in early Jan 2011, you've been single 7 or 8 years ah. why like that.

My reply shocked myself.

August 22, 2011

小时候的我们都是... ...笨蛋





原来,小时候的我们,已近随着年龄的增长,... ... 慢慢的... ... 消失了.....

August 16, 2011


As I grow up, I find myself more and more different from yesteryears. I have no clue as to what has happened and transpired btw the years... Is it my distrust of strangers or is it my blind loyalty to friends.

Many.. And I dare say much more than many times, I would risk life and limb for a friend in need. But look again now today.. I will tink and consider before responding.. Its not abt nt wanting to help but to really tink of the consequences and the many what ifs and what nots and what what's.

I look back and rethink my life. Its kinda depressing. Kinda worrying too.

If I die, pls give me more pek kim. No need funeral and the works. Just collect pek kim and torch my body in some random ulu place.. Hahhahaha..

Secondly on aging, 1 of the tragedies of LIFE, as we grow up, our parents age too. 1 of the things which no matter how much I do, I always find myself not doing enuff. Is caring for my mother. Coz my dad is no more. Deceased as it says.

I do think that I can do a lot better than birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries etc etc.

I endeavour to improve myself. Work harder to provide for her remaining years.

Lastly love.
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August 12, 2011


National day 2011 is different for me this year. *smiles*

Post national day was nite marish.
My system latency problems went into over drive from 20mins to well over 3hrs.

All I could muster was 'wait and see'

Lately I caught onto sumtin...
My boss has this expectation of me being able to answer everything whenever she wants it.

I sometimes find it hard to do this.

Yet I manage to pull thru always.
I tink I damn lucky.

God, anyone out there who shares my deep deep love for BO. Business objects, you idiotssSsssssss...

End of the day I find that having a someone up there mentality really helps to take away most stress. Its really impt.

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August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Hope of God Church

This is the video for our 20th anniversary.

I joined Hope in Dec 1993.
Thus began my journey with my God and my friend.

To Fulfill the Great Commission in our Lifetime
By Building Strong & Biblical disciples to plant Strong & Biblical Churches in Singapore and All over the world.
I remember those days where we recite this to death.

Along the way i met many friends.
Many have left and we still remain as great friends.

Some stayed on. And those that remain, we remain close and tight buddies.

Today years on, we are in different stages of our lives.
Though not many are doing what we want to do but in our heart of hearts,
We persist to be the best we can be, in our own realms, in our own worlds.
at least i know i do. And not counting the countless times i fail
(ED: YEsh i suck.)

1 day, we will just sit down, sip our lattes and smile at each other all day long and nothing else will matter then.

1 day. Just 1 day.


即使自己不开心,也希望身边的人可以开开心心的活下去... ...

August 1, 2011

Remembering father's day

Today marks 4 years of my dad's death anniversary.

Hope he is enjoying himself. Wherever he is.
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