February 27, 2005

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Bahasa

Supporting MnM Lee’s call to learn Bahasa Malaysia (see, we don’t always criticise the Gahmen, one), we have compiled a list of “Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Bahasa”.

1. So that you can ask our national football team players for autographs.

2. So that you can hurl insults at visiting Malaysian and Indonesian football teams during Tiger Cup.

3. So that you can ask the prata man to add less oil.

4. So that you can build rapport with the despatch clerk in your office.

5. So that you know how to negotiate your “traffic fine” with Malaysian traffic policemen.

6. So that, if you were abducted, you can tell your JI kidnappers how much you hate Bush.

7. So that you can remind your maid you won’t pay for medical bills if she falls out of the flat while cleaning windows.

8. So that you can understand our National Anthem, a.k.a. “Ma-li-ki-ta”.

9. So that you can understand what Taufik is singing.

10. So that your neighbour will invite you to void deck weddings – where else can you get good, home-cooked nasi padang for $2 ang pao?

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