March 30, 2005

I didn't blog yesterday or the past few days simply because I'm too TIRED...

I have a lot to write about but I'm just plain lazy. So I spent yesterday nite eating tibits and trying to stay awake.

I failed. failed miserably.. slept at 10pm

I fall asleep twice in front of my work computer.
And the moment I reached my home I headed straight for my bed.
Nothing beats a good sleep.

I always think : is it necessary to blog every day..

Sumtimes I ask myself : Why do people blog ?

The answers to that one i have a lot, but personally I blog because it's a channel to express myself , to share my thoughts and watever lor...

Hmm.. another one of my rantings... maybe itz due to blogger being down continously for 2 days..

Hmmm.. actually i know i will kena hamtum by alot of pple for sayin this but i still miss her alot..