April 9, 2005

Riduculous Service ahh

Nokia is like that... imagine my e/p is spoilt too.. i went to suntec city NCC... to swap for a new wire..

Then the CSO told me dat i have to queue and take a number.. the bloody number i took was like 100++ away from the current one... i was like @#$@#%@#$ ..Buay tahan of coz then i then spoke to the centre manager who also say wait..Then i spent the nx 2.5 hr waiting & wasting my time for a swap of e/p which only takes less than 3 mins to complete... now my e/p's seems to be giving way again.. i'm considerin to save my time by buyin a new pirated wire from jb..

Nokia really needs to review its CS gudielines and practises.. Itz really bad.. Imagine queuing 2-3 hrs to do sumthin which takes less than 5 mins..

if itz mkt share is so bloody big, it should open up more service counters or employ more pple to man the emtpy counters..

if you notice, in the Care Centres , only 2/3 of the 7-8 counters are functioning and maybe only if u're lucky enuff, 2 of these staff are really efficcient and not yakkin away with their colleagues..

Seriously if there's anyone from nokia reading this, pls go down to your own CCs to do an audit.. The staff needs it,

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