May 12, 2005

Dedicated to anonymous

Bloggin in comfort of my room now...

First task

Well.. someone commented by i so thickskinned to remind pple of my birthday.. Am i ?

hahaha.. well to this anonymously fell.. I have only one thing to say 'IF u dun like wat u see, close it'.. This is my blog.. i can do watever i like and i want.. hahaha.. BTW i have no intention wat so ever to remind pple of my birthday.. If you tink i m remindin pple of my birthday then ok lor.. So be it

Rest of tasks

this year has been a turbulent year for me thus far.. been coping with my dad's ailment.. been coping with new job pressures..

Actually my company now is in transition.. meanin that they are tryin to sell it to potential buyers.. bad news for me is that i might lose my job lor..well..i m not worried lor.. i am getting retrenchment benefits (I hope) ..hee~.. then i will sign up for a week long holiday in bangkok away from all these problems in singapore, then come back then find new job which will allow me to take care of my dad.. i been tinkin of workin in supermarkets.. work the morning shifts as full timer lor.. yeah.. physical work la.. but boh pian la.. at least work till me dad is fine lor..