May 27, 2005

Singles' Corner: Unmasking our Soul By Dane Cunningham

Have you ever made a choice in relationships that you later regretted? Your choice was a deliberate action based on your will to be with the type of person you wanted according to your paradigm, even if your paradigm was contrary to God's will. You reasoned in your intellect that if you could only be with them everything would be alright. Initially your emotions provided you with the warm feelings that you had been looking for, but like water they eventually evaporated. As you reflected, your memory reminded you what it was like to be with that special someone, so you were reluctant to let them go. On a scale of 1-10 they were at least a 7 and they had some of what you imagined in your mind's eye, after all no one is perfect.

Is it true that you are a complicated person? In order to answer that question you must "Unmask your Soul." It is important that we understand that God say's we are made in His image which means we are spirit, soul and body. Unfortunately the reason we ended up regretting those relationship choices is because we made them out of our soul and not our spirit. Our soul is the natural part of our inner man that is comprised of our will, intellect, emotions, memory and imagination.

We will not to choose the person with a good heart because we are not physically attracted to them, or they do not posses the qualities the world say's is attractive. When our minds have not been transformed by God's Word our intellect lines up with our will to justify our choices despite the red flags that we have ignored. If the truth be told, our emotions for them were greater than our spiritual connection to God. Even when you considered walking away from them it was difficult because your memory would not let you forget the deep seated desires that were met within the relationship. Those desires were due in part to wanting and imagining our unrealistic fantasies more than asking God to close the door to our will and open the door to His.

When we "Unmask our Soul," we discover that our loyalty to that relationship and our soulish desires took precedence over our faithfulness to God. An honest assessment of our relationship choices requires us to take a look within the desires of our souls. Unfortunately many of us would rather ignore our soulish desires and take a look at the person we were in relationship with rather than take a look at ourselves. If we "Unmask our Souls" and ask God to reveal our will, intellect, emotions, memory, and imagination that understanding will help us to make better choices in our relationships.

*Excerpt taken from Dane Cunningham's book, "Take a Look Within."

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