May 10, 2005

This is hilarious... ripped off my news group as usual.. highly entertainin i believe u guys got read ep 1 before


Story of the Noodle & the Bun
Episode I

One day, noodle quarrel with meat bao (bun). They had a fight but bao was too clumsy and lost badly. He was very angry and he told noodle to stay behind if he has the guts and he'll get his pals to assist him. Meat bao went to find bread, man tou, jian bao etc to get them to reinforce him.

Along the way, they saw maggi mee. They ah bish ah bish ah bish and beat maggi mee up and maggi mee very puzzled why he kena beaten up. He said:"Why u all beat me? What have I done to deserve this?" The meat bao said:"Noodle! Dun think u perm your hair and WE cannot recognise u!"

Episode II

Maggi mee, who was beaten up for no reason, was very angry. So he went to find bee hoon, udon, fried noodles etc to seek revenge. But on the way, they met small bao. Maggi mee looked at small bao for a while then told his bros:"Brothers! MAO him !" Maggi mee whack small bao harder & harder.

After the noodles family has left, they asked Maggi Mee why he hated small bao so much and beat him up so badly.

Maggi mee said:"At first wanna teach him a small lesson only, but then see him act cute, made me so angry."

Episode III
The more small bao thought of it, the more buay song he was. So, he found the bao family to whack Maggi mee. Then they found ying shi juan (noodles covered with bun).

They brought him back as hostage and were about to put him on the stove to force him to talk when the bao head said, "That's not noodles! That's our undercover!"

Episode IV

The family of bao and noodles are now enemies and they have gang fights whenever they see each other. One day, the noodles family was having a walk when they saw char siew bao alone. Seeing the good chance, all of them attacked him.

The noodles family shouted: "Beat him hard hard! Don't give chance just because he's vomiting blood!"

Episode V

Poor char siew bao, with his injuries, went to the bao headquarters to look for help . All the bao family was activated including red bean bao, green bean bao, lian yong bao etc. They went seek revenge. All the passerbys siam them as they look like they will kill. They saw french fries jalan jalan alone, shopping. The bao family attacked him.

The bao head shouted:"Noodle people still wear until gold gold shopping! Whack him!!!"

Episode VI

Finally, the bao family manage to kidnap noodle, the one who started up the whole show, and brought him back to the bao headquarters. All the baos took turns to whack him. At the end, the chief of baos - da bao took a final roll over noodle before they dump him. When the poor noodle finally went home, none of the family members could recognise him b'cause he was totally disfigured - flattened.

In order not to let the family bear the bad name, he appears as a new member named Mee pok.

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