May 18, 2005

Today is gonna be a ultra long day for me.. Have to submit a quotation by todae midnite.. Then this stoopid agents in hong kong all uncontactable.. they are play me out ahhh .. i supposedly to get some hotel packages from them since yesterday nite.. but till now 3+++ liaos still no one email me one... seow liaos la.. really must work till midnite lo

then got one lousy group of 200++ persons supposedly moving off this sat yet till now at this poitn in time still has not submitted any name list to me yet.. wah lau eh.. how to work.. then still very the ngeo one.. wanna haggle haggle haggle.. i like this how to go on off tomolo... sigh

then this MFA tomolo wants to meet me up... seow liao la.. i push his appt from 9am to 12noon liaos.. otherwise i cannot wake up how.. anyways i tink tomolo is gonna be a full workin day for me as well.. buay tahanz..


ok... enuff of rantin..

Play this game.. hahaha .. very shiok.. literally club your way thru to the end

this game was intro-ed to me by some forum pple.. very nice

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