June 5, 2005

hmmm... has a big weekend i guess by current standards...

meetings all the way till 2pm.. then had to go to china embassy to pick up a VISA then rush to pick up some bookings from Genting office.. finally reached office back at 4++.. then had to rush out a couple of quotations.. finallly ended the day with yet another meeting at 530 which did not happen till 7++ .. sighhh.. then went out with a couple of frenz to catch up ... we ended up at some pub at boat quay... drank and played pool till 2am.. haha...


Woke up early to go visit my dad.. then had to do some charity stuff for Hope Centre at UE Square... the food there quite sucky to be honest... anyway quite siong leh... stood ard for 1-2 hrs to ask pple to do charity... ahhaha... some mroe i no cut one leh... not like those who sell coupons... they earn 1-2 bux.. hahahah... not complaining la.. but i tink generrally singaporeans need to be aware that different charities operate differently..not all charities' volunteers earn money one ok... aku is really doing volunteery werk leh... tak boleh tahan.. got one uncle run away from me sayin 'no money'

Pretty uneventful day apart form the sermon i heard in church today... quite ....hmmm... felt a strong urge to respond today.. hahaha.. will post more tomolo when i m more free... need to reflect more and then can write... after service went to meet my good buddy to help him sign a contract for a free fone for his wife.. lolx.. cheonged all the way to parkway for him.. but only for him la.. afterall he's my best buddy who helped me weather thru all the worst part of my life.. financially.. then after that rush again to ps to watch movie with ron and twins.. Monster in law.. very funny leh... would recommend you pple to watch it..

now at home.. tryin to sleep lor.. very tired liaos

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