June 2, 2005

ok...i'm riding on the bandwagon in advertising for our Sandra... dunno who's the winner.. but deadline's on the 5th of Jun.. so any of you wanna win a date with SYT.. haha.. this is it.. definitely beta than eye for a guy..

Win a DATE!!

Sandra is advertising for a date!


Venue: A condominium at Upper Bukit Timah

- Homecooked candelight dinner by the pool.

- 4-course meal (menu to be discussed with successful applicant)

- Drinks. Alcoholic or not? You decide ;)

- Long (and hopefully fruitful) chat

- Night Swim

- Bring your own swim gear. Towels will be provided. :)

- Swimming is forbidden after 10pm, but hey, let's break some rules. *grin*


Terms and conditions do apply:

(Ripped from sandra's blog and mod-ed )

- Only single eligible men need apply

- Applicants must be age 20 and above at the time of application.

- Should the winner be found to be attached/married at the time of the date, all-expense-paid clause will be null and void. Date will be Dutch. he will get a kick in the balls from me.

To Apply:

- Kindly attach photo of yourself (no studio shots pls)
- A short introduction of yourself (Occupation, fave food, hopes, dreams, worst fears, dream destination etc etc)
- An essay of not more than 1000 words on the topic "Why You Should Date Me"
- Indicate your blog url (yes, bloggers do gain cookie points too)
- Closing date : 5th June 2005, 0000 hours.

Do apply if you think you're right for me. :)



And i'm not kidding when i say she is a sweet young thing


So what are u waiting for? Email her NOW!

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