July 18, 2005

Blog abt Sat Sun Mon

For the past couple of weeks, work has been piling and weekends have been 'burning' away... Haiz... really tired & weary physically and looking for a good break.. realli need one sia

These days so hard to get out of bed as I can hear my body crying out for more rest... Ha ha... since when is enuff enuff

On Sat, went for the blogger.con at 6pm.. wahaha... late lor... met up with the rest of the bar pple for the first time.. had a nice japanese dinner..

then we moved on the free flow thingy.. i was late so i supposedly not supposed to have free flow like te guys.. so i went up and tried to pay for my cover into DXO.. hee~.. guess wat, the bouncer say itz ok, he chopped on my arm and gave me the Free flow chop...KAOzzz.. of coz after that all hell broke loose with the bar flies.. we drank like there's no tomorrow.. vodkhas after vodkhas... ahha.. by the time, free flow was up at 0930.. we were already almost gone... noticeably CG ..hahahhaha.. i shall not say more..

then after that we moved onto attica.. was my first visit there.. problay my last too.. music not really my type la.. anyway have to pay for the cover lor.. but i'm kool abt it.. coz along the way i really got to chat with air hole and vincelee .. hahaha.. we had a might awesome chat... mostly dude-stuff..

sunday was a bad mornin for me.. had to work at 9am.. had to meet some impt pple.. abt my free lance stuff.. then i was so freakin late... i woke up at 10am lor.. then at 12nonn.. my dad ran away again.. shites... i asked my younger brudder to look for him as i was still in my discussion..

in the end we found him at 1++ and decided to send him to hospital.. for further observation la... quite the boh bian one..

this mornin... kaoz woke up to work... but my body is like.. still half asleep.. buay tahanz.. then met up with oliver to have dinner as it was his birthday ... abit shacked up but have to la.. buddies for mroe than ten years liaos

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curious george said...

oi..i wasn't the only 1 who was *ahem* hor.....hmmph...