July 13, 2005

A CEO who manages $200 million and is making $500 to $600k a year, is really underpaid.

But wat the heck when he's supposedly to be managing public funds.. And he freakin has a 1.1k porcelain altar with a freakin gold-plated tap.. shites, his skin sensitive to non-gold stuff issit.. some more his sub-cons (call center / website mgt) are all under his directorship or he indirectly linked too.. Kaoz.. on triple take.. bloody !@#@#%@#&%!%!#

Watz more he freakin flies SQ's first class as long as itz cheaper than SQ's Business class published fare.. Come on lah dey, we all know no one buys published fare.. and itz definitely higher than wat u would pay for.. this is a freakin big loophole which was being unscrupulously exploited..

Wat scares me is , my $1 or $2 donation can afford to pay someone to fly first class, sit on a 1.1k porcelain altar doin his biz, wash his face with water runing thru a gold plated tap & earn like 16x my salary a month *shudder*

So, i am announcing that i am freakin so stoppin all donations to NKF.. not that i no heart, but i tink the organisation has enuff to last them.. especially when they got so good staff welfare.. shites.. now no matter wat kind of heart wrenchin stories they run to induce our tears and heart tugs, i shall off the tv and go take a break..

PS: remember "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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