July 23, 2005

Today has finally ended... at 1pm.. 1300 hrs.. on 23 July 2005.. Shites.. longest day of my life.. no thanks to some good frenz..

I had a late workin meetin till 10pm.. Then this fella called up, say he wanna meet for drinks.. i say okay la.. short while as i damn bloody tired liaos.. then i reach the karaoke lounge.. Kaoz.. "Full House" the signboard says.. sumthing nt rite liaos.. then i saw a group of them.. total like 7-8 pax.. kaoz.. i tink to myself. SEOW LIAOS.. this time gone..

True enuff, by the time we finished , it was already 4am.. i hit home ard 5am.. then dilly dallied abit.. then went to work.. really can die.. now i fully understand wat is old liaos.. cannot cheong overnite too much..

1 comment:

curious george said...

You good!!!!

ask you for dinner, you say tired and then you go somewhere else!!!

will ask natsu to hamtam you!!!! hurhur