August 24, 2005


Gracey's asking for a blind date in the bar..

was wonderin why is she doing it.. she's like quite cute or rather quite pretty la..anyways.. i thot only the undesirables need to do such stuff.. hahaha

anyway sh asked a question which had me tinkin..
Answer me in 30 words why i should choose u as a blind date ?

well.. my answer to her would be

"In the midst of this world, the opportunity to acquaint with one other is a rarity..
Having a chance to know you up close and personal would be even rarer.."

this line suddenly dropped into my mind... i remembered i wrote it before somewhere.. then i remembered.. i wrote it b4 in chinese to someone whom i loved... but of coz u all know where that led me.. down to the valleys..

Life goes on..

Well coming back to the issue.. i was kicked out of the contest.. lolx.. anyways here's wishin u a good date with whoever the winner might be..

1 comment:

yanz said...

who's gracey? hee... i also wanna have blind dates... kekeke