October 26, 2005

Okies.. tired out at this hour.. still can't get to sleep..saw an arrow form my sister CG.. so i decide to do this before i give her the salted fish she requested tomolo....

1) If given a choice to decide your birth, where would you choose?

Korea.. The land of babes...average looking babaes.. good looking babes... damn bloody beautiful babes & nose-bleeding babes

2) If given a choice to meet your 1st friend who will be with you for a lifetime, where will it be? Sec 1.... then can share abt our different childhood and share our angry teenage years together and our NS days in different units & different working lives.

3) If there's a flight accident & u end up lost sumwhere, end of the day where u hope u r at?
dead ? ... flight accident leh... sum more lost.. that means no hot showers & no cable tv leh !!

4) Where you hope you met your 1st love?
probaly like some show.. meet during some mistake.. (though it probaly won't happen)

5) Where would you want to have your wedding?
no plans leh

6) Where do you hope to enjoy life when you retire?
Malaysia. Cheap & good...

7) Everyone will die sooner or later. So given a choice to decide your deathplace, where will you choose?

Home. in bed. during sleep. so no pain. probaly wish ot haf my loved one beside me too.

i probaly won't arrow pple to do this.. those who wanna do it, pls drop me a gmail so i cna go see k...

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