October 28, 2005


Why must my heart keep grieving,
Why do I feel so alone?
Why did you take my loved one God,Why couldn't he stay at home?
Why did he have to feel pain,Why did he have to die?
Why can't I go to sleep at night,Why do I have to cry?

'My child,' said God, 'Please understand, I know your grief runs deep, I've heard your many questions In your prayers before you sleep; I promised all eternity, No death shall shadow you, Your loved ones dwell with me above, Up in those skies so blue; They live with me in Heaven, This place is their real home, Their time on earth was through, They learned to love, I called them home. Your loved one is an Angel now,Watching closely over thee, There is no fear or pain up here, Their soul is roaming free. I let your loved one visit you as you lie down in your bed, He holds your hand and helps you pray And gently strokes your head. So please stop asking why he left And dry your weary eyes, For he is safe from harm on earth... ...
With me, in the Heavenly skies.
I got this off an email.. I was immensely touched.. I felt the hurt of the prose-writer.. The agony of losing sum u ever cared for..
This brought me back to 1998... Where I lost my second uncle to cancer.. He was in fact a father figure to me.. He was many things to me.. Many impt things..
the uncle who always picks me up from school..
the uncle who gave me straw money during my sec skill days..
the uncle who smoked together with me in my teenage years..
the uncle who taught me ways of the world..
the uncle who was like a father to me..
I lost a fren, confidante and mentor in him... ... I remembered the pain.. The first time I cried in my adolescent years..

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