October 12, 2005

Tink i have not blogged for a seemingly long time... at least a week.. each time i have sumtin to blog, i would be tinkin of who's my blog-reader.. orr ather who's scrutinisin me now.. i tink these r the very thots which caused pple like Eddy Neo, Wonky tong to go commit blogicide.. or is it the number of pple jumpin onto the blogging bandwagon and thus making it seemingly a common thing which everyone else is doing... or is it that i'm afraid of makin wrong remarks which might be deemed seditious.. or is it i have a blog-stalker...


Hahaha.. i dun really know lor.. Gues i'm juz another confused singaporean


Till date i tink i have been blogging for the last 4 -5 years bah... been a livejournal user to blogspot user..

Tink the recent few months , there's been alot of attention on bloggers.. especially after the Blog-con.. hee~.. wonderin if it was a con-job to get us to appear and identify ourselves then one by one get us to commit blogicide.. sounds suspicious eh.. beta stop here b4 i start getting seditious-ty..

But wat i do know is that in certain media reports that bloggers are written to look real bad.. like certain issues were written out of context.. certain things were nt so true.. certain truths were twisted... but then again, isn't this the world we all live in.. always trying to make others look not so good.. especially those popular pple.. juz look at how effortlessly the paprazzi cash in on celebrities personal lives.. they even enroach into their own pte space.. leaving them w/o any room to breathe till they finally snap it and start hitting the paparazzi.. and for that moment of gratification(nope.. not raping/sodomizin them) , they get to do time in prison or if they r fortunate enuff, they will get off with community service.. i was just commenting to sum frenz recently that if you sentence a death sentence to a would-be suicide warrior(or coward) , is that really punishment.. the real punishment would be to make them living out their days in understanding & realisation of the importance & value of life..
I tink my purpose in this post has somehow or sumwat shifted focus.. i have digress-ed again.. so wat ! i dun care.. hahaha
this is me.. so if u take please in understandin an emo-fool like myself, carry on.. this is gonna be a real bad month for me.. really..

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