November 28, 2008

Bad Experience.

I had a bad experience on Sunday when i was coming back from KL.

In short.. i was abandoned at woodlands checkpoint in a fashion so bad that it hurts.

I was hurt enuff to make a complaint lo... Read on if you're interested to know...

Below is the excerpt of the email i sent out... The Coach Company is called as the Coach Company form now on.

From: Lee
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 4:52 PM
To: 'Robin'
Cc: ''; ''; ''
Subject: RE: Abandoned At Woodlands Check-Point By Coach JKQ9522 Leaving KL Puduraya On 23/11/08

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your prompt reply. No compensation is fine.

But the very least as a service provider, you should show us some sincerity through either an apology or a Formal letter to acknowledge my complaint and to apologise to me.
But apparently I am not a valued customer.

A few things I would like to bring to mind.

The Puduraya Coach Counter carries your Company logo and name and you’re telling me it is being run by an agent in Taiping.

So is that agent part of (The Coach Company) or not? If it is independent, then why the (The Coach Company) Singapore numbers on the coach ticket? I would be led to think that you guys are connected. So is this a case of bad advertising or purposedly misleading consumers.

Secondly does your email mean that as a Singaporean traveler we have been duped by the coach counter into believing that The Coach COmpany) in Puduraya is the same as the one in Singapore or Pasat Rakyat? Is this what you’re trying to insinuate?

Perhaps I should bring this up to the relevant authorities in view of other Singaporeans being victimized like me.

If you are shirking all responsibility as a service provider to me and tell me that this is operated out of Singapore (though I truly sincerely beg to differ) I would say you are not convincing me.

Since you cannot provide me with answers and apology. I will have to seek my recourse elsewhere.

Perhaps the Express Coach Association, NATAS or Tourism Board can provide me with better answers.

Kind Regards
Hi to those in the CC list,

I am a Singaporean traveler. I frequently travel between Singapore and KL.

Below is a brief on what happened or rather did not happen.
• On 23 Nov 2008, I bought 2 tickets for me and a friend to board a snoozer coach to return to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur.
• The $65 tickets were said to be traveling back to Singapore Golden Mile via TUAS checkpoint
• The coach arrived late which was acceptable due to the massive jams in KL.
• We arrived into Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint at about 9pm. – Complaint 1, they did not use TUAS checkpoint as said.
• The driver was offloading the bags and telling us to clear customs.
• Not a word of not sending us back was breathed.
• Both me and my friend cleared the customs in a fairly fast manner within 15mins.
• There were 3 other passengers who were also waiting for the coach.- Complaint 2, We were stranded.
• The overseas couple waited for about 20mins and decided to take SBS service 170 instead.
• The other lone guy went off 10mins after.
• We stayed on till almost 10pm before deciding to take off.
• We took a taxi ride back to our individual homes which costs us about $30 in total.

On 27 Nov 2008, about 6:45pm, I spoke to a Ms Poon from Konsortium located Golden Mile Tower. She displayed good customer service and got me to fill out a form detailing my complain and asked me on the actions taken.

On 28 Nov 2008, I received an email (attached in this email chain) from a Mr Robin,Admin Manager of Konsortium telling me that the Konsortium Coach I was on belongs to an agent in Taiping. I would have to seek my recourse in Taiping.

I am writing in hope to let you know of such uniquely Singapore occurrences which happened and would like to see pre-emptive steps taken to minimize such events from happening again. Secondly I would like to hear on your feedback on this issue.

I can be contacted at XXXX XXXX or via this email address.

Thank you & Kind Regards
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From: Robin
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 10:34 AM
To: Lee
Subject: Abandoned At Woodlands Check-Point By Coach JKQ9522 Leaving KL Puduraya On 23/11/08

Hi Mr Lee,

We received your complaint made on the above-mentioned subject at our office on 27/11/08

After looking into your complaint, we found that you have bought the ticket for travel from KL-Puduraya to SIN by coach JKQ9522 which does not belong to us but rather to (The Coach Company)'s Taiping Agent (Tel:05-8917392).

For your info, if you wish to come back to SIN from KL by coaches run by us, you can
purchase the coach tickets at KL Pasar Rakyat Bus Terminal at Lot 1 & 2 and not at
KL Pudu Raya Bus Terminal.

As such, we are unable to assist you in handling your complaint & your claim for $20 x 2pax.
in this case.

Best regards

Asst Admin Manager
(The Coach Company)