November 25, 2008

God is so good

No matter how I'm feeling,
No matter what I've done or failed to do
No matter how much is on my plate for the coming week, I can always count on Worship for sanctuary from insanity.

It has always been the liturgy of worship consistently sustains me.  The words of the Psalmists as we call each other to worship.  The beautiful poetry of classic hymns ("Doxology") as well as simple worship songs ("Come Holy Spirit") always soothe my troubled spirit.

God's Word helps shapes the soul of each individual.(Though some may turn out differently from others)  The Spirit helps to navigate the meaning of each individual and as God's Word comes to life in each person's daily life.  Even though someone might preach from a manuscript, the words they speak come from beyond them. 

Ah, worship!

Now if I can just deal with the remaining 5 days and 13 hours of this week, I'm all set.

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