November 19, 2008


Someone asked me yesterday after my basketball game,

Bear: How's Life treating you?
Me: okay lah...
Bear: ok is an answer for an acquaintance, not for a teammate of almost 20 yrs.

I started playing basketball since i was 12.
I first started out playing in school and progressed to playing in my neighbourhood Community centre.

I had a motley crew of Teammates, let me list them out by their nicknames we call on the courts,

Shiwen,Meibao,Monkey,Ah Quah,Ah Hua and Nelson.

These 6 together with me played every evening at the CC courts without fail, Rain or Shine, Public Holiday or Exams.

We had a mentor then, His name was Dechang. We call him lao gou ala Monkey. He was like 5 yrs older than us. He is a very impt member of the CSC team. He often took time off to help us improve our game.

1 of my most memorable sessions had been a game we played in Serangoon Technical Sec School court. He took on the 5 of us. 1 on 5. He won. He later scolded us for havign 5 pple and not being able to win him.

He groomed us into the CSC players we later became. (Though due to some differences within the group, some of us din take part in the competitions)

1 game i remembered vividly was played in AMK. we were playing against a very good team in 少年杯.
I was playing double centre with another guy.
1 of the older players was outside calling for a 3point shot.
i stood on the free throw line.
Controller threw me the pass,
i laid it off for my other centre to dunk the ball in.
*Bad call*
The dunk flew off
I made the rebound
bounced pass to the guy on 3point line
He stood on the top of the arch
ball went swoosh

Definitely 1 of those moments i remember for life. coz that guy made 7 3points in a row which earned him a National call-up.

And quite a number of our team was invited to Min Yi for training.

End of Memory Lane

so.. the convo went on as..

ME: 爱我的人我不爱;我爱的人不爱我
Bear: KNS. no need to be so cheem. WOmen as long as you have money, they will come
ME: Then die lo, no money ; no women ; nothing in life for me.
Bear: Yea. But dun go jumping into the animals enclave anymore. 1 skinny Malay guy jump in caused the white tigers stress liaos. You jump in, they will die of high cholestrol
ME: .... ... .... ... ... ... ......

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