December 3, 2008

The Thing about Xmas

It is my considered opinion and personal view that the current interpretations of Christmas is a travesty of almost astronomical bullshitic proportions.

  • Rather than Jesus being the pivotal point of Christmas, it is some pudgy, fat, bearded, bespectacled, red suited man with black boots,
    • Who happens to be a by-product of the Coca Cola company like the Polar Bear.
    • Whose lines are an irritating "Ho Ho Ho!", would get him in serious trouble among the young mobile females of today
    • Whose favorite habit of sitting children down on his lap would send the Children abuse societies screaming.
  • Santa somehow delivers gifts thru the impossibly small window (imagine trying to fit a pig thru the key hole) between the night of the 24th and the morning of the 25th, and his preferred mode of delivery is down the chimney.
    • Conveniently, houses all over the world have chimneys that can accommodate his pudgy fat outlook complete with red clothings and black boots.
    • No mention is made of houses that do not possess chimneys.(Probably thatz y santa never come singapore coz we all live in flats. LOLx)
  • Santa likes to drink coke as we all seem to see from Coke cans.
  • Santa's preferred mode of transportation is a sleigh drawn by a dozen or so reindeer, one of whom has a red nose. (Can someone call SPCA.. 12 reindeers to transport a pudgy fat old man all over the world within 12/24 hours.. Or maybe call MOM)
    • This sleigh (and reindeer) complete with above-mentioned said pudgy fat old man totally defies gravity and physics carrying toys for the 2 billion odd children can fit on said sleigh.
  • Christmas is indeed a time for giving. Presents. If you have not spent obscene amounts of money buying gifts for ungrateful cretins, then you do not possess a mysterious spirit called the "Christmas Spirit".
  • At about this time Companies and Coporates suddenly realize that the poor might actually need a square meal on such an occasion, and fall over themselves to deliver consignments of biscuits, sweets, chocolates and sodas to bewildered orphans who smell the reporters, cameras and TV crews long before the nutritious and filling sweets and biscuits, that are expected to fill bellies and give nutrition until the same time next year.

Rather than charity, faith, hope and sacrifice, Christmas has become a time for sloth, greed, extravagance, thoughtlessness and wastage.

Christmas has always essentially about Christ, Virgin Births and more importantly Hope for mankind.

It is seemingly getting diluted as the years go by. Diluted by shopping sales, job deadlines, wars, natural disasters and more recently talks of recession.

This Christmas, let’s do it abit differently.

Why dun we give it to the Hope of our next generation?  

Make a list of the presents you want to give to, include person and value and give it to the charity of your choice and mail the receipt to the person with a written card.

It is giving Hope for the future and helping pple in need and the recipient might enjoy a tax rebate! Serves 3 purposes at one go.

There is this charity which I would like to inform you of. (this is not an advertorial for them.. but I am sending them something so I thought I might as well share it with my brog readers.)

The Operation Hope Foundation Ltd

14 children from Hope Village Prey Veng orphanage will be visiting Singapore from 2 - 22 Dec for the very first time.


Be charmed by their magic tricks, traditional dances and Christmas caroling in Khmer.
Our children will also be sharing with you their stories back home where life is hard and how they have found hope and a new life in the orphanage


PS: I have nothing against Coke and the above pointers are simply my opinionated and stubborn view against Commercialism and Materialism.



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