January 12, 2009

*Confirmed* New Year Predictions

I got this off an forwarded email which I tink is pretty witty and funny…




Yearly predictions can be a very touchy subject. Yet the Lord has given me a "word" for you to consider. I personally believe it's a pretty accurate word.

The word of the Lord for 2009 is "STILL." That's all - just the word "STILL.."

However, as you will read, it's a very, very powerful word. It is a "now" word that will empower you throughout 2009 and beyond!

I personally guarantee each and every one of these "predictions" for 2009! I predict that:

1. The Bible will STILL be the eternal Word of God - forever settled in Heaven!

2. Prayer will STILL always work!

3. The Father will STILL be sitting confidently on His indomitable throne!

4. Jesus will STILL be the Way, the Truth, and the Life - the only means by which you may access the Father!

5. The Holy Spirit will STILL be our Comforter - comforting you from the inside, out!

6. The Church will STILL be "the pillar and ground of the truth" manifesting the wisdom of God!

7. Healing (for spirit, soul, and body) will STILL be in His wings!

8. The Gospel will STILL be the answer - whatever the question!

9. His grace will STILL be all-sufficient and our strength, whatever the task!

10. The gifts of the Spirit will STILL change lives - instantly, radically, and permanently!

11. You will STILL be God's most prized possession - His cherished son or daughter!

12. Heaven will STILL be wonderful, hell will STILL be horrible!

13. "By faith" will STILL be the only way for you to live.

14. You will STILL be "more than a conqueror in Christ" - victory is imminent!

15. Sowing will STILL result in reaping! So keep sowing!

16. God will STILL "always cause you to triumph in Christ!"

17. The love of God will STILL be in your heart - and nothing can separate you from it!

18. "All things will STILL work together for your good" - as you do His will!

19. You will STILL "be the head and not the tail" - blessed when you go out, blessed when you come in!

20. The devil will still, still, STILL, be a big-time loser!


Happy New Year!

Dennis Cramer
Dennis Cramer Ministries

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