January 15, 2009


Girl cries and whines, gets car from boyfriend: This video shows a Chinese girl and her boyfriend in a car showroom. After her boyfriend refuses to buy the car, the Chinese girl goes mad and gets behind the wheel and attempts to drive off with the car.

Click on image to watch the video "野蛮女友逼男友买车"

This video capturing some classic auto showroom drama was uploaded by an intrepid Youku user and has garnered over 436,000 views in less than a day. The young woman, on hearing that her boyfriend was not going to buy the car, flies into a mad rage, gets behind the steering wheel and attempts to drive off with the car, much to the horror of both boyfriend and salesperson. Worried that his girlfriend might do some real damage to the store, the exasperated boyfriend eventually surrenders and decides to take all the damage upon himself. He whips out his credit card and yells out to his girlfriend saying, "I'm buying it! I'm buying it!"

ED: Another Roberto is borne. But i muz give credit to the girl's strong-arm tactics

Link and Image courteousy of LancerLord.

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