January 2, 2009


How is 09 thus far?
Very Tired and sleepy.
Can’t really concentrate on work especially with 小娘惹 just ended and CNY round the corner.
Spent my countdown with cg at Gerald and Emma’s place in AMK. It was really nice coz Helen and Issac cooked for us.
We had quite a spread really.

Ian came by with Tan Family and graced us with his Alphabet matching prowess and we had fun courteousy of Wendy’s Wii. But at 9pm Everyone succumbed to watching小娘惹 together, with the normal rants and exasperations.
I left early to attend another meeting at 12.
The next day (new year) was spent at sleeping in entirety coz I have a long day on the 2nd. Then this Leong Khun called upped abt 3pm to ask me for steamboat. We ended up eating from 6pm till 8pm. Lolx. It was quite a fun time. -_- also came.
Things that i really need to do this year:

1. Discipline in exercising
- i’m now on track. Doing 30 sit ups 2x per day.
2. Discipline in saving
- Must only spend on what is worth spending on. My worth and value. =)


Cheryl said...

-_- is me is it?????????????/

Jesuafreak said...

helllo !! -_- is ur Trademark leh