August 25, 2009

Nudeton's Sneak-Attaq

I’ve actually asked Nudeton to do something since Feb 2009.

Thru out the months, I’ve been reminding him about it, on and off.

He has always said its ok.

He will handle.


Just 2-3 weeks back I reminded him again forcefully.


Yet nothing was done.


Today the Atomic Universal Dirty Itrogenous Thydrogen Bomb exploded not in his face but mine.

Yours  truly took it all in his face.


I was taken to task for something he did not do.

I was taken to task for something not under my care.

I was reprimanded for something which he said is ok.


I was asked to reflect on my time spent.

I was reminded of KPIs and commitments and responsibilities.


And all these while, I’ve been talking to him about it, he treat me as wind beside the ear.


So I committed myself to an impossible deadline of clearing 6mths worth of work within 3 days. 72hrs.



From today onwards, I will clear wotever there is, on the plate.

Coz I m not the senior.



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