September 16, 2009

Certainties of Me

The below were promises are extracted from the Japanese film "Ten promises to my dog": it definitely belongs to the category of 1 of the most touching movie I’ve ever seen.


Though the movie touches on the promises made by the owner to her pet dog,


Hearing the promises made, I kinda of thought of myself as a fren at times as well.

Have I cared enough?

Have I forgotten some things?

Have I let my frens down?

Have I not been transparent in my dealings?


I do not have the answers to all these. =)


Probably feeling abit under the weather.

1) Please have patience when dealing with me.

2) Place your trust in me. Through good and bad times, I will always be by your side.

3) Never forget that I have a heart too… just like you.

4) Whenever I don’t listen to what you say, always remember that there is a reason.

5) Talk to me. I may not understand all your words but I understand your voice when it speaks to me.

6) Let’s not fight. Remember that I could hurt you but have chosen never to do so.

7) Even when I grow in age (and probably slower, weaker and fatter), please be kind to me.

8) My life may not last as long as yours. Please make every second we spend together count.

9) You may have other friends, other activities. Please remember that for me, I’m always here for you.

10) When I am about to leave this world, promise me you’ll be by my side.
Remember all the times we shared and remember always that I love you.


This message transcends through boundaries of animals and hoomans: Respect, Cherish and Love your loved ones today!


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