September 11, 2009

Nuclear Power

The best part of Friday evenings, everyone leaves the office at 5pm, leaving me all alone behind to churn the wheels.


Yet I look forward to this time every week.


Friday evenings are the best time of the week for me.


It signals the coming of Saturday where I sleep the entire morning away.

It tells me Sunday afternoons are my usual meet up with my basketball pals.

It tells me I can get to catch up on my favourite dramas all nite long.

It tells me I can plan to see my friends whom I am guilty of neglecting throughout the work week


Friday evenings are a time where I spend a lot of time all by myself as well.

I spend time in office, clearing the final reports and putting the finishing touches to most of my work.

I truly value the solitude time here where I can do anytin.


Blasting my speakers,

Drinking my drinks

Eating my stuff.



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