October 2, 2009

War of the Worlds

Typhoon Ketsana barrelled through Luzon in the Philippines, then onwards to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Now Typhoon Parma is in Philippines

Sumatra in Indonesia got hit by two earthquakes in less than 24 hours.

The town of Padang is in a very, very bad shape.

Mercy Relief is accepting donations via telephone/cheque/ATM or internet bank transfer.
Oxfam is running an East Asia Disasters Appeal (phone/credit card/cheque/in person).


Asia is crumbling.
Firstly the Financial Markets then now Natural disasters.


Is the world finally ending ala War of the Worlds style… can I die with megan fox.. at least.

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constant gina said...

wow...I hope they are warned in time to evacuate...