November 3, 2009


Round the corner and 2009 is coming to a close again.

This marks the end of an eventful year which anything that could happen, have happened.

  • Lost a fren over a trivial mis-comm
  • Reconnected with some frenz
  • Ventured into a business startup
  • Did not go for holidays for a long period
  • Went to Hong Kong for leisure.
  • Met new friends.

I do not know what is going to happen over the next few weeks as i have no control.

These few days, a certain someone has been lingering alot on my mind.

I'm praying/asking/looking for an answer.

Hope I get my answers soon.

Secondly i do hope for my new venture to pick up speed and zoom off...

A sneak peak into it

Do give ur feedback here if its not too much trouble.

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