November 16, 2009

My Last 3 Daze

Last Friday, the relentless rain fell from evening till the wee hours Saturday midnight.

I had steamboat over a good 3hour period with some of my closest pals at Katong.

Then followed by some drinks, i had at most 3 mugs of beers. haha.. did not feel like drinking at all. Left at 1am with Leong Khun due to a meeting at 7am later in the day.

The entire sat was spent in an accounting meeting which lasted till almost 11pm.

Sunday was spent talking to my Fave kiddo and collecting of a car which belonged to a fren.

PS: 下一站,幸福。is a very nice show. And i not a fan of Vaness Wu but rather becoz of 安以軒

On another note, i realise i am blogging lesser and lesser. due to plurk ?due to detachment? I have no answers at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

it's 'kun' not 'khun'.