December 3, 2009

2009 going to 2010

2009 drawing to a close and i seem to have gone no where and achieved nothing this year.

Ok. mebbe not.

Let me recount the months...

Jan - NOthing
Feb - Nothing
Mar - Nothing
Apr - Missed Songkran 1st time in 5 yrs ?
May - had a quiet birthday with pple who mattered.
June - Had my first real break 0f the year to KL for abt a week
July - Nothing apart from LIVERPOOL FC playing in Singapore.

August - Started a little venture with some friends.Celebrated PT's Birthday
Sept - Damn busy with nothing. ok.. the venture and my job.

Oct - Yipeeee, nothing again. Venture things getting to my head. Ron gotch married.

I went HK and had a whale of a time.

Kena tua-ed by Uncle Fong to wear jacket to eat Prego. =S

Had a celebration with ARC members which our Chairman fainted.

Nov - Attended Chee wee's wedding. He is the grand master of slackers. Confirmed Office location.
Dec - Another 28 days to go.. .. .. jin exciting

16 Dec, my website would go live !

Wow... .. .. my entire year actually was concluded in 1 short post.

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