January 8, 2010


We often hear this, “God loves you and has a better plan for you and your Life.”


We probably greet it with a smile or a snide remark then move onto live our own lives.


What does it really mean actually?


Maybe it’s the word “Perfect” or “God” that troubles us.


We are fallible men who makes so many mistake(s) in life, often times fumbling our way thru.

Sometimes even taking the deemed wrong path, who or where is our guiding light?


How could anything be perfect in our lives?


We should know ourselves better – sometimes overtly too well perhaps.

Mostly negative thoughts start setting in and reigning over us.

It’s not that we’re perfect or in fact ever will be perfect. But we have to realize who is in control of our Lives.


Yes. To cut a long story sibei short, its that we just simply have to let God have His way and let him execute his plan for us and know that He is perfect in planning our lives.

We need to constantly remind ourselves how imperfect we are.

We are only humans.


An extra dosage of obedience and a serving heart are needed in order to realize the perfect plan.


Nothing we can ever do would be good enough to satisfy God’s perfection.




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Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.