February 17, 2010

CNY Trivials

Trivial#1 - this year i heard so many people going 'Huat Ar'. it kinda becomes a swear word to me. I told myself not to use this word anymore.

Trivial#2 - If i am at reunion dinner, eating by myself and drinking by myself. It means i m single. If 14 Feb was to be Day 01 of Lunar New Year and i am sleeping in my room and staring at a stack of DVDs and bak kwa beside me, it means i m single. If its 14 Feb evening and i am eating dinner with my entire group of relatives and with you seated across me, YES IT MEANS I M SINGLE.

Trivial#3 - I do not appreciate the fact that i collect lesser ang baos with each passing year. I so do not appreciate the depreciating remarks about singlehood too.

Trivial#4 - Never gamble with 2 couples.

Trivial#5 - Sleep is the best thing next to nothing.

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