February 9, 2010

Five auspicious days to start work

According to Fengshui experts, there are five days in the year of the Tiger that are particularly auspicious for starting work.

Master Hui Jie, a well-known Fengshui master, told Lianhe Wanbao that the best days to start work for the new year are the fourth (February 17, Wednesday) and sixth day (February 19, Friday) of the new year according to the lunar calendar.

For small business owners, he recommended the twelfth, thirteenth, and fifteenth (February 25, 26 and 28) as the best days to start their businesses.

However, it also depends on the business owner's Chinese horoscope. The fourth day, or Feb 17 is more auspicious for those born in the year of the dog, while those born in the year of the dragon should avoid it.

Like the first day of New Year, the first day of work for the year comes with some traditions to ensure a smooth and prosperous year ahead.

Some of these we really should practice every day, such as getting along with our colleagues and keeping an even temper.

Master Hui Jie also recommended that bosses give out red packets to their staff, which will bring luck to all the employees and improve working relationships.

Other advice included making sure the boss is the first to unlock and enter the office, while wearing his or her lucky colour.

The five lucky days are listed below:

Auspicious day/ Auspicious for/ Unlucky days for/

February 17(Wednesday)/ Dog/ Dragon
February 19 (Friday)/ Rat/ Horse
February 25 (Thursday)/ Horse/ Rat
February 26 (Friday)/ Goat/ Ox
February 28 (Sunday)/ Rooster/ Rabbit

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