March 30, 2010

After-Thots 2010 First Quarter

Been busy lately with a lot of things.

Things have been a roller coaster of late.

Alot of meetings with Friends, the much dreaded QE is round the corner... in fact its happening on this Good Friday as well...
I was tinkin of what to write in thsi space here...

About 2 to 3 weeks back, i was on my way to Bishan.

I walked out of the train and str8 into someone i have not seen for awhile..
We immediately acknowledged each other while keeping our earphones.

We proceeded to coffeebean to have a kofi.

We were talking about wot is happening in our lives lately.

I felt her heart as she was sharing with me about the difficulties she is facing.. I felt very ----- to help her out... but i do nto know what else i could do as she continue to weep in front of me..

Pple who know me, knows that i am fearful and weak in front of sobbing women-folk.. in fact , powerless.

I mustered up whatever that was in me to pass her a tissue.. =)

Then i continue to encourage her la.. i mean wot else can I do worr.. cannot be the cyncial me and tell her the damning things that are bound to happen right...

i still think that she is just mentally drained from the entire episode. But i do hope that she will find her peace soon.

This incident brought me back to July 2007 when everything else collapsed in my life.. i was on the verge of a breakdown soon.. and i could not handle the stress that came with it that i almost wanted to give it all up and the easy way out.

I took alot of strength and discipline to plonk myself down and to relook my life again.

Today in 2010, I can finally say everything is order and in 2012, look forward to my housewarming !

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V happy for u, Chunsiong =) Tk good care of your health

Warmest Regards,