May 18, 2010

Prik Thai ~ Waen Gam - Karma

Part 1

Part 2

*Chun bpen kon mai yaum hai krai
I’m a person unwilling to give in to anyone
Dtae nai dtae rai yahng nee
I’ve been like this since I can remember
Dtae chun dtong yaum hai tur took tee
But I have to give in to you each time
Took krang tee tur nok jai
Every time you’re unfaithful to me
Dai dtae kit waa dtor nee pai waa ja mai ton
I can only think that from now on, I won’t tolerate it
Tur tum dai, chun gaw tum dai
If you can do it, I can do it too
Mee sit chai mai
I have a right to, don’t I?
Chun ja mee roi na, koi doo
I’ll have plenty, just wait and see
Dtae laaw gaw teung wayla jing jing
But then the time really comes,
Tum yahng ngai gaw tum tur mai long
No matter what I do, I can’t do it to you
**Mun kong bpen waen gam tee tum hai chun dai jer gap tur
It’s probably karma that caused me to meet you
Jong ruk pak dee samur
I’m always loyal to you
Kae kit ja mee krai,
I only fancy having someone else,
Yahng tum mai long
I’ve yet to follow through with it
Ja dtong dtrom jai kae nai meua tur mee krai gee hon
How disconsolate must I be when you have countless others?
Gaw ruk ruk tur mai noi long
Still, my love for you doesn’t lessen
Dai piang kae noi jai
I can only feel slighted
Repeat *, ** x 3
Karma's really a BITCH

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