July 9, 2010

After-Thots 2010 Second Quarter

"There is no small happiness or big happiness. Even a tiny whimsical bit is happiness"

6 months of 2010 has snuck past us. Its the beginning of July again.

I do not remember achieving anything during this past 6 mths.
No loved ones. No promotions. No Bonuses. Nothing.

One thing I learnt and is stil learning, accepting pple for who they are and what they do.
Even though i might not agree with everything they do.
But i must still understand that their situation and circumstances are unique.

I sometimes somehow feel that 'No man is an isle' is not an accurate/correct way of life. I feel that sometimes we need to step back and be alone. to get that feel of wot they truly want. i guess as i said before, managing our expectations of our friends, its almost like saying 'Ask not what they can do for you but what you can do for them' i know this might sound abit altrusive but frankly, this is my thots.

I really do not ask alot from my friends and buddies. (hmmmmmm.. do i?)

There are really alot of good friends to me all around... really

But yet there is this few who tugs at my heart.
I hurt when i see/hear them hurt.
I cry when i see/hear them cry.

I am mostly sadden by arguments, disagreements amongst friends. I do not understand why. really.

I mebbe tinking too naively about how everyone can just be friends and leave our differences at outside the door.

Well, that is just me. I would really love to sit down and listen to scores of stories from all my friends. how they are living their lives. how they are coping with parenthood. how they are coping with marriage. how they are working hard at keeping their lives.

The list goes on.

well.. this is getting longer... let me sum up the past 6 mths ok

Nothing much was achieved.
Another Year's beginning another work year.
The most notable event was my buddy, Geoff's wedding. I had alot of fun helping him out.
Attended A-mei concert.

It was a good break to Phuket.
Had a nice long break with CNY.
Met Mr Lester Chan after such a long time at Seb's birthday.

Working hard for another FY closing.
Evelyn came back for good. Great, my key-keeper is back.
Woo hooo.. i truly do not know what i would do without u

Missed Songkran.
My brother, Shirley Melinda turned 31.
Had a nice quiet dinner with her and Nicole Jeslyn Wong Puay Khim. (Yes, her name is sooo long)
Met someone who made an impression on me.
Met and made a new good fren, Ms Neo.
This friendship is very interesting coz we kinda clicked and became instant buddies. ahahahaha

My Birthday.
Had alot of dinners and drinks and meetups.
Though there was this group whom i exceptionally missed. Regrets bah
I had my first lychee martini cake and almond longan cake. woo hoooooooo
An impression that lasted only a month. I guess this is wot they call dreams.
ABNN left and left behind some wonderful stuff for me. Truly exceptional.
His golden words for me at 3pm of his last day "you do not ask me for things at the last hr."

Sent off Jaclyn.
Jaywalk came back.
Cakie came back.
Jaywalk also left.
QE again.
World cup. Arggies got thrashed by Germans

PS:This did not start out as a ranting or emo post. so dun take it that way

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