September 22, 2010


Guess I have nt posted much here for the past few weeks or even months.

Life been pretty much of a stalemate apart from the occasional fireworks and brief respites.

Well, first of all, I m given a promotion at my work and that gave me a sizable pay raise. And sort of a confirmation of the efforts I've put in.

Secondly I went on a trip with shirls, yanyan and shufen. It was a fun trip.

Okay... Need ti digress a little, there's this tkk abt mid 20s with an ah chek in his 40s who are caressing in front of me , right now.

Ok.. Back to my post..Thirdly I had some breakthrough in certain areas of my life. More on that in another post..

My bro alex fong has successfully moved onto his next Life stage as what our GABFA always say... Happy for him...

Till my nx update pple..

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