October 8, 2010

Evil Thoughts

Recently i kena flamed

Then the person said this

To JesuaFreak,

Thanks for replying. Both of us have presented our cases and thoughts. Although I don't agree with your opinions, I totally respect them.

Good for you that you personally believe that Hope is the most open and transparent church around for Singapore. =)

I will not comment further.

I felt like replying

Thanks for understanding my POV but i sincerely want u to subscribe to my theory and beliefs as well.

are u in sg by any chance or coming?
Cac we meet to find out ur 'grievances"
Can we talk abt ur hidden sins
Can i pray for u to forgive ur self, let go and come back to the 1 true church
the body of christ ? that is if u r not attending anywhere else that is tolerating ur sinful ways and sinful desires or have not left due to the same recurring testing again.

Yours Sincerely
Un-anonymous poster, Jesuafreak.

PS: dun be analymouse.. be open. be transparent. dun act like a faggart

Well this was the fleeting thought in my heart, blain and soul.

i entertained it for a moment.. (ED: mebbe more)

Then i decided not to post. (ED: Wussy)

For the greater good of mankind.

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