October 5, 2010

Listening ear

I do tink its good to listen to someone whom u know genuinely cares and let them know abt ur life.

I do tink its a good idea esp when this fren is someone who knows u well enuff.

I appreciate all my frenz out there. Those who care. Those who call me outta the blue to catch up. *hint* those who suddenly sms me a 'hi' or even a 'wassup'.

I truly appreciate all these little gestures.

I have not been doing my best to catchup with every single one who crossed my path and is a fren. I ought to try harder than I should. I know work and tireness isn't really an excuse, REALLY.

I shd be a better fren.

Someone might be comforted by that sudden gesture/bout of goodwill.

Coming back to myself, chasing skirts is something which everyone does with ease but not me. I actually find it hard to communicate with the actual love interest. Low self esteem probably. Or short in yhe confidence dept as some mite say.

I meant how on earth does one even broach the subject with ease and confidence yet achieving impeccable results.

IMPOSSIBLE loooooooooooo

At the very least not me.

Heence I shd remain all by myself bah.
Its nt that bad really. Spending all my money on me I meself. Lolx. Going on trips alone. Spending time with my buddy's beautiful kids. Everything is so nicE

Another incident lately was hammie's fake death. Shanshan and bengbeng are 2 hamsters separated by my bro and his gf. They live apart for 5days a week, cohabit another 3 days before being torn apart again. Star-crossed hammie lovers(I aso nt sure of their gender) I called them shanshan and bengbeng. After their owners. Lolx

Anyways 1 of the 2 decided to sleep with its 4legs pointing up and not moving despite me rattling its cage.

So I pronouced its death to my mum, who immediately launched into a tirade of why let another animal die in this she. Abit perplexing. Who was the other animal? 小强?or she meant... ...

So I posted on fb. Gan funneh laa..

I got a call from bengbeng. (Nt the hammie)

Bb: eh wot happen
Me: shanshan or bengbeng died
Bb: bo kor leng
Me: u go home and do the song kah
Bb: he's just sleeping laaa
Me: got hamster sleep till like dat one meh
Bb: dun believ u wake up at 4am to see him run the wheel.
Me: his wheel got put bell and running led boh

The phone kena kamp at this point lo

PS: I not emo. Just penning some of the thots which run thru my head. Abit random. But nonetheless original. Originally mine.

PPS: hammie did not die. Coz on mon when I woke up in the afternoon, I smelt his alluring shit smell.
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