March 23, 2011

Growing up

I realised that as I grow up, I am not a leader. Not 1 who makes decisions but rather 1 who follows and adheres to a stipulated proven process and decision(s) made by higher-ups. Hence my job.

Over the last 6 yrs I have had learnt a lot in the course of my work and failed in some and yet successful in most. I do not think that I m almighty but I do agree that certain strengths and characteristics make the man. Some even say the clothes. End of the road, does it really matter.

I know this post looks senseless.

如可 找個荒島
如冬天欠電爐 雙手擁抱 可跟天對賭

無論有幾高 就如絕路
來跨出那地圖 不需好報 都只想你好

能共你 沿途來爬天梯 不用忌諱
留住你 旁人如何 話過不可一世
問我亦無愧 有你可 失去我一切

*幾多對 持續愛到幾多歲
當生命 仍能為你豁出去 (不轟烈 如何做世界之最)
千夫所指裡 誰理登不登對 
幾多對 能悟到幾多精髓
能撐 下去 竭力也要為愛盡瘁

前方 仍然大霧
能相擁到白頭 一起偕老 不跟天鬥高

前面有幾高 一片荒土
從崎嶇這路途 開墾給你 可走得更好

能共你 沿途來爬天梯 黑夜亦亮麗
留住你 旁人如何 話過不可一世
問我亦無愧 有你可以 拆破這天際

握著手 而幸福包圍泥牆簡陋
牽著走 懷著勇氣至愛得永久

NOTE: Growing up really isnt easy. even at 33, i find it a drag. sumtimes curve balls are thrown at impossible speeds. Just have to learn how to evade and bounce them back.

幾多對 持續愛到幾多歲
當生命 仍能為你豁出去

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