May 20, 2011

34 & learning

Some say u live u learn. I believe everyday is part of my learning journey, it only ends as I breathe my last.

I have seriously seen many things in my life and grown apathetic at a lot of stuff. But the 1 thing that constantly thrills/depresses me on a constant basis remain. The human heart.

I really think that no one absolutely no one fathoms this thing called the heart.

What sets it fluttering.
What calms it.
What sets it on a downward spiral, freefall.
What causes it to harden.
What soothes it.

Many claimed to have laid stake to it. Yet often losing it after a while. And me, it was like grabbing air with my bare hands.

Has my heart gone cold?

I have no answers at this juncture.

This year I held smaller celebrations. Last min dinners. Impromptu drinks. Some ewere absent. Some were overseas. Some were caught up in their lives. Some just moved on.

You may have heard about my theory on mrt lines. I am currently at dhoby ghaut I guess. Cross roads. Dunno to take nel or circle line or north east or take a slightly longer east west route.

And they say life is ez.

Its as ez as you want it to be.

I endeavour to make things simpler so that by 35 I can be free of a lot of things.

This is one of the photos of my birthday celebration.

Remembering 33.

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