May 5, 2011

My thoughts

I have not written much about the upcoming GE(which is tomorrow BTW) though I have posted some pictures here and there..

When people hear that I am a resident of Potong Pasir, they would always and almost definitely ask –Wahh is it very dirty there? Do you have any upgrading? Do you like living in an Opposition estate?

To all these questions(whether sincere or not), I answer: 'No, it's not dirty. I have seen dirtier estates as compared to mine. Yes, we have upgrading or sorts. Yes, I like living in PP and I plan to stay here for the rest of my life, Thank you very much.

I have lived in Potong Pasir since 1984( my first being whampoa), the year Mr Chiam See Tong beat Mr Mah Bow Tan, I remembered that night CST drove ard the estate with people shouting “ POTONG PASIR , Chiam See Tong”. I remember many many people on the streets shouting and being happy. Yes, being happy. I was abt 7 or 8 then. All I can remember is no one was sad that CST won in 1984.

Then a few more years down the road, our bus service 147 which used to end in PP was diverted to end in hougang. We had to rely on 1 bus service which works like a feeder service but charges normal route rates.(back then was way before the transit link card system and EZlink card)

By 2001 I came of age to vote, I was of course happy that I was able to vote because alot of my friends cant coz they lived in walkover estates. I was proud to be living in Potong Pasir coz of our supposedly renegade status as well.

As far as I am aware, the Potong Pasir Town Council, under Mr Chiam's care, doesn't get much funding, if at all, from the Government. With limited funds, I believe they have done a pretty good job for the past 27 years. Some of you may have seen/read The Online Citizen's article about Mr Chiam's aluminum-paneled 'office'. I have seen it there since the late 1980s.

There is this thing about the Lift upgrading.
This was reported in the papers as well. (though I am not sure of the links) The town council has originally decided to use its own funds to upgrade the lifts for residents. However halfway through, PP & Hougang were finally given Lift up-grading Project (LUP) by HDB. This was of course a good. The flip side is that PPTC had already used funds to start the upgrade of lifts. (which is why we have 1 lift upgraded only). The other news is HDB would only talk to PAP CCC advisors. Which was not Chiam. So this is my query, why isn’t our elected MP an advisor to the Constituency ? Another thing, phase 1 which covers LUP for residents for 10 blocks were already underway since early this year, why is there no more progress ? I emailed and asked CCC but there is no reply to me. =(

Then there is this other thing about our NEL station
During the 2001 GE, it was implied that the NEL station would not be opened along with the others on the North-East Line. That year, Mr Chiam won again and Potong Pasir station was opened in 2003, together with the other stations, with the exception of Buangkok*this later opened* and Woodleigh*I heard this one akan dating*.

Mr Chiam could have retired but he didn't. At the recent rally at Potong Pasir, he said he chose to continue because he wanted to keep working towards democracy. I thought wow, what is this passion called democracy that drives this man? A respectable man who could have retired on his pension and live out his remaining life comfortably at home with his wife, wanting to take part in such a rigorous and tedious fight for a GRC and win Bishan-Toa Payoh against DPM Wong and team.
He also empowered his wife to be his successor in Potong Pasir because she was the best candidate. She has been there, behind the scenes for the last 27 years, working with him on improving the estate. If you ask me, that makes her more experienced than Mr Sito, or any of the new PAP candidates. How's 27 years for a track record?

Having stayed in an Opposition-run estate for the last 27 years, here is what I think: Upgrading will definitely happen. Just a matter of when. Home prices are linked more closely to gahmen policies than who runs your ward.

Financial investors do not look at who runs which ward but again our gahmen policies. And now each and everyone of us has a say or rather a vote on who you want to represent your voice.

7 May 2011.
Make that vote count.
No matter who you vote for, its all about you.
Let our voices be heard.
The change starts from us.

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