July 25, 2011


Today I came across someone I knew who posted "While I have my fair share of frustrations, I think Singaporeans should stop whining about SMRT on Facebook. 1) Be thankful that you actually have a functionin g, affordable & safe transport system. 2) If it bothers you so much, go write a REAL feedback cuz SMRT will NEVER read your FB rant."

What really irked me was "Too many of ur friends rant mrt. Haha my friends are ranting abt Coe. Think it's the transportation season."

I do think that this is reflective of the people of today. Its highly self and inward looking.

I dun wanna sound self righteous and go on a holy crusade on these.

But I do get irked coz I know of people who struggle to make ends meet and public transport woes coupled with rising costs amongst many others are nt cutting it for them. Tink utilities raised in july.

And our salaries or increment are no where near inflation increases.

And if these pple are all the next gen young adults. If these are to be my bosses or colleagues, I will be damned.

To backtrack alittle. I do have some of these age group peeps amongst my friends. But I am proud to say they have a better head upon their shoulders.

What I call these people are 有头没脑,跟猪换,猪也跑 in hokkien.
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