August 16, 2011


As I grow up, I find myself more and more different from yesteryears. I have no clue as to what has happened and transpired btw the years... Is it my distrust of strangers or is it my blind loyalty to friends.

Many.. And I dare say much more than many times, I would risk life and limb for a friend in need. But look again now today.. I will tink and consider before responding.. Its not abt nt wanting to help but to really tink of the consequences and the many what ifs and what nots and what what's.

I look back and rethink my life. Its kinda depressing. Kinda worrying too.

If I die, pls give me more pek kim. No need funeral and the works. Just collect pek kim and torch my body in some random ulu place.. Hahhahaha..

Secondly on aging, 1 of the tragedies of LIFE, as we grow up, our parents age too. 1 of the things which no matter how much I do, I always find myself not doing enuff. Is caring for my mother. Coz my dad is no more. Deceased as it says.

I do think that I can do a lot better than birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries etc etc.

I endeavour to improve myself. Work harder to provide for her remaining years.

Lastly love.
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