August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Hope of God Church

This is the video for our 20th anniversary.

I joined Hope in Dec 1993.
Thus began my journey with my God and my friend.

To Fulfill the Great Commission in our Lifetime
By Building Strong & Biblical disciples to plant Strong & Biblical Churches in Singapore and All over the world.
I remember those days where we recite this to death.

Along the way i met many friends.
Many have left and we still remain as great friends.

Some stayed on. And those that remain, we remain close and tight buddies.

Today years on, we are in different stages of our lives.
Though not many are doing what we want to do but in our heart of hearts,
We persist to be the best we can be, in our own realms, in our own worlds.
at least i know i do. And not counting the countless times i fail
(ED: YEsh i suck.)

1 day, we will just sit down, sip our lattes and smile at each other all day long and nothing else will matter then.

1 day. Just 1 day.

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