January 12, 2005

Long ago i knew already Manure sux... Now they really sux big time... *BLEAHHHHHHH**

Hahahahaha... We are leading by 4845 to 3495... Kaoz...1400++ votes more..sigh... imagine 1 person 1 sit, u guys will drown sia...Wahahaha

So Manure fanz are pretty lonely pple i guess

Saturday's our day and we will thrash you... imagine Morientes getting a hat trick off roy caroll...hahaha

Thank goodness Cisse's injured... or else.... .... ... .. .



Where are you MU fans?
COME on, Man U fans. What's with you? Are you guys suckers for punishment?

I mean, on Saturday night you winched and watched as some 'amateurs' from some kampung called Exeter kicked your butts.

Now, the word is out. Liverpool are climbing all over you in that race to establish who rules in Singapore where fan numbers are concerned.

Yes, we're serious.

At last count - make that 8am this morning - Liverpool were off and running and unless you get into stride, they might soon be running all over you.

Hey guys, numbers don't lie and the figures we have in front of us don't reflect too well on United.

Here are the numbers - and if you are a 4-D fan, you might also want to take note.

As of this morning, Liverpool supporters have cast a solid 1,994 votes for their team, while Manchester United fans have managed just 1,299.

That's a 695 vote deficit - huge, when you consider United have always maintained that they rule in Singapore as far as the fan base of the two rivals are concerned.

Well, as of now, the numbers prove otherwise.

So, what's with you Devils? Are you going to sit around and allow Liverpool to condemn you to the darkest recesses of hell?

Or, do you need Sir Alex Ferguson to give you the 'hair-dryer' before you vote?

We say, it is not over. There is still time to reel Liverpool in. All you have to do is get out there, pick up the phone and vote for your team.

Come on, guys. Put your heart on the line because you can be sure that's what Liverpool fans are doing right now.

You can make a difference. Hesitate and you risk being drowned by a Red surge.



SMS your support to 9367-8728

No extra charges but normal SMS rates apply.

All SMSes must be in by Thursday (Jan 13).

Each handphone number is entitled to one vote only.

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