January 26, 2005

To understand ... ...

To understand

You don't have to agree in order to understand. But you do have to listen with an open mind.

You do not have to give up or give in to another in order to understand. But you do have to give your attention and consideration.

You do not have to change your own position in order to understand the position of another. But you do have to accept that there are valid perspectives besides your own.

Seeing the world only from your own point of view puts you at a distinct disadvantage. The more open you are to understanding others, the more effective your every action will be.

Realize what a true blessing it is that there are those who see things differently than you do. By offering your understanding, you gain the benefit of an expanded perspective.

You've no doubt experienced how good it can be when there's someone who listens and truly understands.

What's even better is to be that someone.

-- Ralph Marston

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