March 4, 2005

Rejected Oscar Categories

The Academy Awards are over and here are some categories that should be there, but kena chopped:

1. Greatest Disregard Shown to the Basic Laws of Physics

2. Most Heck Care Adaptation

3. Best Disguised Product Placement

4. Most Overpaid Actor or Actress

5. Best Performance by a Female Running Through the Rain in a Clingy, Almost Transparent Dress

6. Cheapest Special Effects

7. Best Tear-Jerking ‘Handicapped’ Performance by a Non-Handicapped Actor

8. Best Performance by a Body Double

9. Greatest Test of Bladder Control

10. Picture That is Liked Only By The Speccy Nerds In Your Class

11. Best Removal of Clothes For No Apparent Reason

12. Best Catch Phrase That You and Your Wu Liao Friends Will Keep Repeating to Each Other in the Coming Weeks

13. Movie Most Likely To Turn Up at Your Bus Interchange Before Its Release Date

14. Best Movie That Sure Kena Censored in Singapore

15. Best Movie That Sure Won’t Be Shown in Singapore In The First Place

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